3 years ago

Was AUY922HKI-272OSU-03012 Actually Worth The Cash?

Immunofluorescent cytochemistry Cell monolayers were grown on glass coverslips to of 80% confluency. Cells have been washed with ice cold PBS Ag and fixed for 10 min in 3% paraformaldehyde, then re washed with PBS Ag. Cells had been permeabilized read more...

3 years ago

Is AUY922HKI-272OSU-03012 Actually Worth The Dollars?

Rabbit anti FLAG or anti GFP antibodies had been employed for immunoprecipitation at four C overnight. 30 uL of Protein A G PLUS agarose was extra the following day, washed three times in 1% Triton X a hundred buffer, and resuspended in 2�� sa read more...

3 years ago

Is AUY922HKI-272OSU-03012 Worth The Money?

Methods Expression and purification of five Helix and 6 Helix Fd 5 Helix was isolated essentially as described. A synthetic gene encoding the 6 Helix Fd sequence

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